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Meticulous attention to gentle hemostasis, sharp pseudocapsule dissection, adequate approximation of the myometrium edges and all dead spaces to prevent hematoma formation, can further increase the safety of the procedure, without significant complications by experienced

“The fatty acid composition of five endemic Bupleurum (Apiaceae) species was analysed by GC technique for their nutritional value. The amount of oil content of the species varied from 3.77% to 7.03%. Twenty-one fatty acids were identified in the oils. The fatty acid composition of the studied species contained oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids as the major components. Oleic acid ranged from 8.81% to 68.30%, while A-1155463 concentration the levels of palmitic acid were found to be between 12.47% and 47.85%. Bupleurum lycaonicum, Bupleurum sulphureum and Bupleurum heldreichii are very good sources of oleic acid. The remaining species were characterised as containing the highest level of palmitic acid. In this study, the total saturated fatty acids ranged between 15.02 Tipifarnib Metabolism inhibitor and 65.20%, while total monounsaturated fatty acids were between 18.10 and 70.65%. The total polyunsaturated fatty acid accounted for 13.47-35.20% of the studied fatty acids. Therefore, we can conclude that Bupleurum oils have a significant nutritional value.”
“Objective: The aim of our study was to analyze whether there is a gender difference in the effects of maternal

chocolate ingestion (80% cocoa) on the fetus, as expressed by the fetal heart rate (FHR).

Study design: One hundred pregnant women with uncomplicated term

gestation, matched for age and parity, underwent computerized FHR recording before and after eating 30 g of 80% cocoa chocolate; 46 carried a male fetus, and 54 carried a female. Computerized cardiotocography parameters (baseline FHR in beats per minute, number of contractions/ hour, fetal movements/hour, accelerations of at least 15 bpm for 15 s, episodes of high variation/min and short-term variation in ms) were expressed as the mean and SD. We calculated the difference before and after maternal chocolate eating both in male and female fetuses and then compared the gender differences in the FHR variation. Statistical significance Y-27632 was set at p < 0.05.

Results: While baseline FHR and number of contractions did not change, the number of: fetal movements/hour, accelerations, episodes of high variation/min, and the short-term variation significantly increased after chocolate ingestion. The percent variation of the movements (101.7 +/- 89.23 males versus 252.0 +/- 297.6 females; p = 0.002), accelerations (70.90 +/- 46.98 males versus 153.3 +/- 178.5 females; p = 0.004) and short-term FHR variation (21.47 +/- 18.73 males versus 37.35 +/- 27.46 females; p = 0.002) increased to a greater degree in the female fetuses than in the males.

Conclusions: The maternal ingestion of dark chocolate induces much more reactivity in female fetuses than in males.

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